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The Puzzle Box Dance Company

Madison Bagby, one of the Artistic Directors of The Puzzle Box Dance Company describes their company as a compassionate community of dancers that support and help one another grow as dancers. Madison, together with her co-artistic director Davina Pasiewicz foster an environment of passion for art and doing one’s personal best. They focus not on comparing themselves to others, but on improving their last practice or performance.



The Puzzle Box Dance Company take pride in focusing on their dancers’ holistic development. They believe that every dancer has a future career goal, whether it is dance related or not but as instructors.. they make sure to nourish their students’ passion for dance which will help them reach their future goals.



Madison recalls that one of her proudest moment in teaching happened when a couple dancers were struggling with a leap during progressions. She said her dancers saw this and just started cheering them on as the couple went across the floor. Since then, they all cheer each other on during technique class.


One of the biggest mistakes she sees dancers make is not believing in their ability and tenacity. She knows she has talented dancers and something that they just need to focus on every practice is their confidence. She believes that Confidence is a life skill that they are learning through dance which they will carry it with them throughout their lives.


As a teacher, Madison’s goal for this year is to bring the passion and love for dance to her dancers. It is their first year competing and all she wants is for them to go up on that stage and have a blast.

She also mentioned that she wanted to start a dance company to inspire youth to pursue whatever dreams they have. Madison said, “ love teaching and sharing my art with others. My dancers have grown so much this year and I can’t wait to see what is next”

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