Dance Beginners

So You Think You CAN’T Dance?

4 easy moves you (yes, you!) can use on the dance floor.

Easy-to-Master Dance Moves

Are your dance moves a little stale? Save yourself (and everyone else) from “The Sprinkler” and get your groove on with these easy-to-master steps. We asked dance instructor and star of the new “Dance Off the Inches: Hip Hop Body Blast DVD” Jennifer Galardi to show us her go-to moves for dancing in public (without embarrassment).

The Strike

Don’t be fooled by this move. It looks complicated, but it’s so easy to do!

Start standing with your feet hip-width apart, toes straight ahead. Extend both arms out in front of your chest, hands in fists, with your right arm stacked on top of your left. As you hop onto your right foot, bend and turn your left knee in, lifting your left heel off the floor, and bend both arms about 90 degrees, turning your right hand up to the ceiling (palm faces forward) and your left arm turns down (palm facing away from you) [A].

Hop back to the center with your feet facing forward, hip-width apart, and extend both arms back out in front of you at chest height, left arm crossing on top this time [B]. Next, hop onto your left foot, and bend and turn your right knee in, bending your left arm at 90 degrees up to the ceiling, and your right arm at 90 degrees to the floor. Repeat hopping from the center, to the right and then the left.

Spice it up by adding a little single, single, double action—do the move once to the right, once to the left, and then two times to the right and repeat.

Happy Feet

This simple move will help you keep the rhythm no matter who’s dancing next to you.

Start standing with your feet together, arms bent at chest level with your right hand clasping your left wrist. Step your right foot out to the side a little wider than hip width and lean into it while you release your wrist and pull your elbows behind you at shoulder height, keeping them bent about 90 degrees [A].

Step your right foot back into your left as you bring your your arms in and clasp your left wrist with your right hand again. Now, step your left foot out to the side and lean into it while you raise your arms overhead, right hand still clasping the wrist [B]. Continue alternating sides.

The Hopscotch

This move made for a dance off will put anyone trying to show up your skills to shame!

Start standing with your feet together, both arms bent in towards your body, and your hands in fists pulled in by your chin. Tap your right foot in front of you, crossing it slightly in front of your left foot, and pull your arms to the right (keeping them bent) [A]. Next, tap your right foot behind you, crossing it slightly behind your left leg and pull your arms to the left [B]. Then bring both feet together and do three hops in a circle, staying on the balls of your feet and turning around your right shoulder all the way back to face front [C]. Repeat that whole sequence to the left.

The Slap

This fun, upbeat move works well with house music.

Start standing with your legs about 2 feet apart. Bend your right knee and lift it up to hip height as you hop up off your left foot and brush the top of your right knee with your left hand (as if you’re trying to brush off some lint) [A]. Step down quickly and repeat the move bending your left knee up, hopping off your right foot, and brushing with your right hand. The accent of this move is ‘up’ rather than down into the floor.


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